Apartment Renters Rejoice! Finally! Landlords Can Rid Those Lingering Smells Of Your Former (Disgusting) Neighbors


from the businesswire.com

Still holding your nose when you pass by that apartment where the oft-drunk, much too hairy “rock-n-rollers” partied too hearty with their slovenly pals and slutty groupies, until they were recently booted by the landlord? Or worse, are you moving into that very apartment, where there’s still remnant odors, their disgusting sources better left unimagined, even though the place has supposedly freshly steam-cleaned carpeting and brand-new coats of Navajo White everywhere?

Well, hold your breath no more! Lingering odors may be a thing of the past, if you have a landlord that cares!

Said this Businesswire.com report: “Thanks to a new, proprietary technology perfected by Biocide Systems™ and CLOO Labs, Inc. for use in the ClO2 Bio-Shocker™ line of products, property managers now can safely, effectively, affordably and completely remove – not mask – any trace of the most stubborn odors left behind by former tenants, including but not limited to smoking, cooking, spoiled foods, mold, mildew, pets, urine and vomit.

Get rid of that lingering “vomit” smell? This should be a mandatory cleaning product for property owners! (Note: There was no mention if the product got rid of lingering smells from a dead body.)

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