I’ll Build YOUR Affordable Website So YOU Stay FOCUSED!

YOU JUST STARTED YOUR NEW BUSINESS…or you need to attract MORE business.

You’re an ACTOR, a MODEL, an ARTIST, a MUSICIAN…. who needs a web presence that’s easy to update to showcase new work.

YOU NEED A WEBSITE but you’re TOO BUSY to build one yourself, and you DON’T TRUST the constant website spammers because they’re “off-shore” and NOT located locally.



I build WordPress and Wix “5-page” standard websites that can showcase your business and/or your unique talents. These websites start at $60 for the most affordable Wix site option, to a more robust and popular WordPress standard site with easy-to-swap interchangeable “themes” starting at $100. If you want more customized functions and aesthetics for your site, or you need consistent site content updates and trouble-free management, I can also provide these with honest, affordable flat rate options. If you need a personalized web domain name (like “MyBusiness.com”) I can also set that up for your site as an available option (depending on how you want to host your site. We can discuss!).

CONTACT ME TODAY, Have your new website up and running as soon as TOMORROW!

Credit cards and Paypal payment options.

I would love to build your website and help you get more business!

Please e-mail to the above address!



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